Medicolegal Death Investigators Course

Taught by skilled instructors working in the field of criminal and death investigations, this course will provide an overview of the skills required to properly investigate a death scene. This three-day course is approved by Missouri POST and the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI), for 24 hours of continuing education credits. 

This training is designed for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Coroners / MDI Investigators
  • Special Investigators

The format will develop confidence in the investigator and hone valuable skills. After completing this course, the investigator will have the ability to better;

  • Manage a death scene from the initial call, arrival, and scene cooperation
  • Discuss the top 10 mistakes commonly made at a death scene 
  • Management and Ethics of an investigation
  • Locate, document, and collect scene evidence
  • Clandestine Grave and Surface Recovery Basics 
  • Properly distinguish differing manners of death
  • Determining time of death and PMI’s
  • Recognize implications in cause and manner rulings
  • Better understand wound and injury interpretation
  • Investigate infant and child death
  • Investigate suicide and self-harm death
  • Investigate and Interpret Auto-Erotic deaths
  • Investigator Well-Being – Guarding your mental health

Included in this course will be several scene and post-mortem examination photographs and video segments – as well as injury, death, and homicide scenes through photos and video of actual cases. This course is very graphic and intense.

Three Day Course Design

Day One

  • Scene Management:  Arrival, Security, and  Agency Cooperation
  • Scene Investigation: Assessment, Evidence, and Documentation
  • The role evidence plays in an investigation
  • Basic principles of an effective investigation
  • The 5 components of an investigation
  • The most common mistakes made at death scenes.
  • Proper death notification procedures
  • Understanding cause and manner implications
  • Determining time of death

Day Two

  • Investigating Suicide and Self-Harm Death
  • Equivocal death investigations
  • Murder typologies and classifications
  • Investigating Autoerotic Fatalities
  • Investigating Infant and Child Death

Day Three

  • Basics in Clandestine Grave and Skeletal surface remains
  • Forensic Entomology for the field investigator
  • Body Examination and Wound Identification
    • Understanding Gun Shot injuries 
    • Forensic importance of Stabbing and Cutting injuries 

About the Instructor

Darren Dake, D-ABMDI, CI, CCI

Darren Dake is a law enforcement professional with over 30 years’ experience in criminal and medicolegal death investigation. Darren has worked in both the law enforcement realm of investigations as well as in the role of senior investigator with the Coroner’s office for over 20 years.  This combined investigative experience has uniquely established Darren as an expert in investigations which allows him to consult and teach internationally on investigation practices and procedures.

Darren holds national certification as a Medicolegal Death Investigator through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI), as well as being a nationally certified criminal investigator and certified criminal investigations instructor.

Other accomplishments include the founding of the Death Investigation Academy  as well as other investigator focused resources such as the Death Investigator Magazine and the Coroner Talk Podcast.  Darren has also published several books related to investigations; Investigating Suicide and Self-Harm Deaths, Interviews and Interrogations- getting the information you want, and Autoerotic Fatalities – a guide to investigating and interpreting the scene.  Darren also co-authored the book CODE-Living healthy, happy, and whole submerged in tragedy, trauma, and death.

For More information about the instructor and to view his CV click HERE.