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Many training agencies are well-rounded and can fulfill the training needs in nearly every category of public policing and investigation.  At DITA we concentrate on death investigation and everything surrounding those investigations.  By becoming hyper-focused in this field we are better able to provide intense and specific training you and your investigators need.

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The death investigation academy is the nation’s leader in death investigation training and certification. All courses are designed with ‘on the ground’ thinking, making you a better investigator. All of our instructors are working experts in their fields.

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By hosting one of our courses, you will be offering high-quality training to professionals in your local area. This means less cost to your agency for expenses like travel, lodging, and meals, and less time away from home and family.

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After reviewing our course catalog and upcoming courses, check out our online articles. These are frequently updated and written by our instructors and other experts, the resources and knowledge you find there will give you a head start in your learning experience.

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Death Investigation Training Academy
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At DITA, we train Death Investigators through a hybrid approach of classroom and online-based education, developing confidence in students and honing the valuable skills of working professionals.

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We provide the highest quality training using the most modern methods and technology.

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All the courses currently on the training schedule and those open to new registration.

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Coroner Talk Podcast

Coroner Talk is the only podcast dedicated to the men and women in the field of death investigation.

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Bringing high-quality, hyper-focused training, to your agency through the power of the internet. Live streaming saves you time and money. 

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Perfecting Forensic and Investigative Skills through Online Learning

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Why we do what we do.

Investigating a death is one of the most significant and highly charged investigations any investigator can become involved with. The public, in general, and family members in particular, expect a thorough and professional investigation into any death. In the case of homicide, successful identification, apprehension and prosecution of the offender, demands the assignment of skilled personnel.

What students are saying.

This is a great introduction to death investigation! I have been an emergency nurse for 23 years and I cannot tell you how much this program taught me! So many concepts should be taught to ER nurses, Medics, and anyone caring for victims of crime! I will recommend this program to my forensic nursing professors and students!
Bridget Peterson
The presentation had a lot of very good information in it. It helped me to understand why we follow certain procedures. I particularly enjoyed the injury section and infant section. The presenter was great at adding in real stories and experiences to keep it entertaining.
Sara Kruger
As an MDI in Indiana, I look for courses to help keep me refresh my skills and learn new insights. This course was ideal. Each segment had great information and was well presented. Thank you!
Morris Mott
Great course!! Darren and the rest of the staff were awesome, kind, and professional. I would recommend this course for those that want to begin a career in death investigation.
James Valentine
If you are looking to get into forensics or are thinking of a career change you have definitely found the right program. Thanks to Darren, Tammy and their team I passed my final and have recently just passed the National ABMDI exam. I could have never done it without this program. Thank you!
Melissa Mann

Death Investigation Academy

The Death Investigation Training Academy was founded to play an integral role in the death investigation community.  The need for quality, accredited training is in short supply and high demand. Using a combination of classroom training, live on-site scenario exercises and web-based training, the Death Investigation Training Academy is filling the need of 21st-century investigators.

Approved Training

All of our courses are Missouri P.O.S.T accredited and may also be approved by other national organizations and many other state organizations governing law enforcement, private investigations, emergency services, and nursing.