About Death Investigation Training Academy

The Death Investigation Training Academy was founded to play an integral role in the death investigation community.  The need for quality accredited training is in short supply and high demand. Using a combination of classroom training, live on-site scenario exercises,  and web-based training, the Death Investigation Training Academy is filling the need of 21st-century investigators.

Why we created Death Investigation Training Academy

We surveyed hundreds of professionals working in various disciplines of the death investigation community.  We asked a simple question; what is your biggest obstacle in obtaining quality training in death investigation?  The answers were overwhelmingly the same; not enough training options, limited specialized training in death investigation v. general criminal investigations, cost of training is too expensive, limited training in my region or state.   These professionals spoke up and we listened.  DITA was created to fill the training gap for death investigators around the world.

We have made contacts and built relationships with certified and accredited instructors, in various disciplines around the United States.  These relationships allow us to offer highly valuable,  more accessible opportunities,  by working with agencies to host regional training.  These regional training events save death investigators and their agencies valuable time and money.

Death Investigation is all we do!

Many training agencies are well-rounded and can fulfill the training needs in nearly every category of public policing and investigation.  At DITA we concentrate on death investigation and everything surrounding those investigations.  By becoming hyper-focused in this field we are better able to provide the intense and specific training you and your investigators need.

All of our instructors are either currently in or recently retired from the discipline in which they are teaching.   All instructors are third-party accredited in their field and hold credentials as certified instructors.

The Death Investigation Training Academy has one goal, to provide the highest quality training using the most modern methods and technology.

Our courses and programs are designed for Law Enforcement, Coroners, Medicolegal Death Investigators, Private Legal Investigators,  EMS and First Responder Personnel, Emergency Room Staff, Physicians and Prosecuting attorneys.

All of our courses are Missouri P.O.S.T accredited and may also be approved by other organizations such as ABMDI, American Bar Association, and many other State organizations governing law enforcement, emergency services, and nursing.

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Do you have questions or want to learn more about Death Investigation Training Academy? We are happy to answer any inquirery you have.