Darren Dake

Darren is an ABMDI accredited medicolegal death investigator and an ACFEI certified criminal investigator working with the Crawford County Missouri – an author, conference speaker, trainer, and podcast-media producer. He has a tri-balanced background in law enforcement investigations, corporate leadership, and Christian ministry. Darren is a certified teaching instructor and criminal investigator with over 30 years experience in the field of law enforcement and death investigations. He holds certification as an adjunct instructor and program developer for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, the Missouri Sheriff’s Association, and the Law Enforcement Training Institute – (Missouri University Columbia). Darren is serving as Director of Operation and instructor for the Death Investigation Training Academy™ and hosts its online podcast-media program for death investigators.

Interviewing Family Members

An investigator’s approach to family members must be one of total respect and understanding. Your approach and attitude must be above normal standards in these types of interviews.  Your attitude and demeanor upon the first contact will set the tone for the rest of the conversation. This includes the officers that arrived on the scene …

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Autoerotic Fatalities – What they are and what they are not.

Autoerotic deaths are accidental deaths that occur during solitary sexual activity in which some type of apparatus that was used to enhance the sexual stimulation of the deceased caused the unintentional death. These deaths are accidental, they are not suicides as some have thought. The practitioner does not intend to die as a result of …

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