You have enough to do, let us help take the hassle out of booking a guest trainer or keynote speaker.

Let us help you to make the best of your  conference. Our goal is to provide top quality training while making the process of booking and planning as hassle free as possible.


We understand full well what it means to operate on limited budgets. As working professionals we deal with State and local budget restrictions just like you do.  Tell us your budget limits and we will do everything we can to work within those limits.  Our goal, first and foremost, is to provide top quality training, the rest will take care of itself. 




Booking a speaker for any conference is a nerve racking part of the process.  You have many questions like; will the attendees like the speaker,  will the speaker be boring, will they provide quality training, how easy are they to work with, can we even afford them? These are all valid questions. Let me put your mind at easy. We will provide references from some of the top industry leaders in the nation. Call or email them to talk about us, it’s okay…….it happens all the time.

You be the judge

We understand booking a key note speaker or trainer for your conference can be a bit nerve racking.  Let me help relieve some of your anxiety. This video is a short reel of some training seminars, judge for yourself if I am the right fit. 


“Darren, your efforts and information were an integral part of our conference, and we greatly appreciate your contribution . I am happy to let you know that your presentation at the conference was well received and given high marks. I very much enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing so again in the future. ”
Jen Howe
Colorado Coroners Association
“Darren is a dynamic and charismatic instructor, he holds the classrooms attention, encourages and draws in participation from attendees successfully. I would personally recommend Darren as an instructor/speaker to any organization”
Jessie Venable
MDSA Training Coordinator
Awesome! One of the most informative seminars on death investigation I have ever been too.
Don Barrett
Three days well spent, I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge in death investigation
Calvin Troxell