These lightweight, half face respirators feature a detachable neck strap that allows the facepiece to drop down to the investigator’s chest. These low maintenance respirators can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused many times. No parts to replace except filters and cartridges. A-4613 the Multigas/P100/Odor (HEPA) cartridge combines a charcoal filled multigas cartridge with a P100 filter. The most broad range cartridge available. Intended for crime scene use and provides the highest level of protection for use with vapors, chemicals, powders, dusts, and decomposition odors. Sold by the pair. A-4643 is a particulate (P100/HEPA) filter for use with fingerprint powders and in dusty environments. 99.97% filter

This economical respirator provides filter efficiency of 95% against 0.3 micron particles. This lightweight respirator features an adjustable nose clip for custom fit and more secure seal. Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements.

This 4 inch protractor makes a great photographic scale for injury documentation as well as being useful for crime scene sketching and documentation. Made from hard acrylic plastic, this protractor is easy to clean and disinfect between uses.

This ruler was designed to give the photographer and the developer the ability to have a scale for small items that need a clear scale for development. The white metric corner square includes an 18% gray half tone and is commonly referred to as an AFBO #2. These rulers are available in plastic, magnetic, and one time use removable adhesive paper.

These adhesive scales are a great addition for any photographer. The continuous roll tape repeats 12″ scales (105 times, total length of 1,260″). There is open writing space on each scale to record pertinent case and/or photo information. The increments on these scales measure in inches with 1/4” graduations. Size: 12″ Vertical Repeating Scales, 105 total scales

This Polydura storage clipboard is the key to your outdoor office! Store 8 1/2” x 11” data sheets, pencils, and other field equipment inside the durable plastic shell. It has a warmer feel than a metal clip board. The new design has more space inside for sheets, has a convenient carrying handle, and an improved clasp. Lightweight and completely weatherproof, the ”Rite in the Rain” Field Desk lets you take your office outdoors!

Ultraviolet light and alternate light sources are a key component in clinical forensic practice, particularly with sexual assault victims. With it’s handheld portability, light-weight and durable construction, the Arrowhead Bio Light is a cost effective forensic light source kit for forensic nurses, crime scene investigators and laboratory use.

Bio-Swab™ is a pre-filled, individually wrapped, gamma radiated, sterile applicator that will deliver the exact amount of water to collect a DNA sample. This packaging system eliminates the need for carrying sterile water and will further protect from cross contamination. The Bio-Swab™ can be transported to the lab in air dry boxes or coin envelopes. Simply hold the applicator with the color ring end pointing upwards, gently snap the tip with the color coded end, and allow the sterile water to fill the applicator. Validation material available upon request. (100 Swabs)

5” tall and made of bright orange rubber, not plastic. Feature a 1.85″ tall number on both sides of the cone. Double sided printing allows more versatility at the crime scene since markers will not have to be rotated when taking photographs at different angles. They clearly mark evidence for photography and identification without cluttering the scene. Numbers 1 – 25

J-Lifts™ are a combination of lifting tape and a backing card. The lifting side contains a special adhesive that is formulated to be aggressive enough to lift the powder without ripping. The J-Lifts™ are excellent for lifting of trace evidence. Writing space is provided for initials and date.