This breathable bag can be used to cover the hands of a suspected shooter, resulting in the preservation of valuable GSR evidence. This bag can also be used to prevent contamination on the hands of the deceased. Made of Tyvek® material with a drawstring and new string-lock attachment for securing the bag in place without tying.

There’s no need for labels. Simply place your evidence inside the bag and seal with evidence seal or tape. You can log your information along with a chain of possession on the outside of the bag. paper bags are often the best choice for the preservation of fragile evidence. Each printed bag is clearly marks and includes areas for required evidence submission information band chain of custody. The convenient sizes allow for the packaging of a variety of evidence items including clothing, shoes, and drugs. Because the paper allows for the evidence to dry, they are the best choice for packaging DNA sensitive evidence.

Sturdy Kraft paper bags in various sizes. These preprinted bags have space for the information you need to properly mark your evidence. Unprinted bags are available for use with separate labels. We recommend sealing these bags with evidence tape.

When larger evidence collection containers are not necessary, these signature Evidence Envelopes are perfect. The white color provides a contrasting background for evidence contained within. Great for hairs, fibers, and fragments of all types. They are preprinted with all the appropriate information. Use any of Evidence seals for secure closure.

Preprinted Evidence Envelopes – 3.5″ x 6.5″
      3.5″ x 6.5″ (100 Envelopes)

Exposure to blood-borne diseases and protection of personnel is a serious problem. These clear plastic tubes will preserve the evidence and protect evidence collection personnel. All three sizes include a custom foam insert for immobilization, evidence strips for sealing, and a biohazard label to clearly mark the evidence as a possible hazard.