FoxFury’s Nomad NOW is a 2,500 lumen rechargeable LED lantern area-spotlight that can be mounted on a tripod or wall, placed on a flat surface or held by hand. The light provides 12-degree spot lighting or 120-degree area lighting.

This simplified system is great for customers adding on to an existing system or those looking for a more economical option with less coverage. The Copper option is an ideal way to introduce the SRN1000 to your department, and it’s easy to add more options and coverage for future needs.

Total dimensions: 6 ½ ft. (H) X 6 Ft. (L)

The most popular product sold by SRN, Inc; the SRN 1000 Premiere System comes with everything necessary for an immediate privacy barrier including lighted beacons for recognition and safety as well as weighted bags to ensure structural integrity.

SRN has given the end user the convenience of purchasing a double barrier system that is much more cost effective than multiple single systems. Spanning 30 ft in length, this system provides all of the benefits of the Premiere System and can seclude almost any incident.