This 4 inch protractor makes a great photographic scale for injury documentation as well as being useful for crime scene sketching and documentation. Made from hard acrylic plastic, this protractor is easy to clean and disinfect between uses.

This ruler was designed to give the photographer and the developer the ability to have a scale for small items that need a clear scale for development. The white metric corner square includes an 18% gray half tone and is commonly referred to as an AFBO #2. These rulers are available in plastic, magnetic, and one time use removable adhesive paper.

These adhesive scales are a great addition for any photographer. The continuous roll tape repeats 12″ scales (105 times, total length of 1,260″). There is open writing space on each scale to record pertinent case and/or photo information. The increments on these scales measure in inches with 1/4” graduations. Size: 12″ Vertical Repeating Scales, 105 total scales

This adhesive Blood Spatter Scale includes a 10cm corner square, a 15cm ruler, and report fields for writing down information. Though originally designed to record bloodstains, these scales can be used to record many different pieces of evidence depending on the crime scene. Printed on glare resistant paper stock, these labels are made to be easily read. The adhesive properties of the label are high tack, but removable, and will not leave a residue behind. The open areas for labeling the evidence are the following fields: Case #, Date, Time, Stain #, Length, Width, Direction, Angle, Stain Location, Point of Convergence, and Prepared By. The combination of these filled-out criteria helps to put a time stamp and label onto pertinent locations in case evidence gets manipulated, moved, or otherwise changed.

These steel tapes are housed in an impact resistant, yellow ABS case. Tape measures come with a handy folding steel hook designed to fit the hand comfortably while allowing deployment and rewind. The FatMax Extreme (A-6154) features a high-visibility Mylar® polyester film that provides visibility in low lighting. Metric.

The white ruler tape contains 30 separate 12” rulers with both metric and fractional scales. When traditional rulers are place on curvatures they lose their scaling ability, this is less than ideal and not have a scaling guide by the wound/bruise photography is not an option. This scale will stick to curvatures and keeps scalability while contouring to various objects.

Size: 30) 12″ rulers per roll

These large measuring tapes come in either 100’ or 300’ lengths. These tapes contain an exclusive two-color blade (yellow and white) in both metric and fractional scales. One person can easily use them and provide accurate measurements over long distances.

Our versatile line of inexpensive, adhesive rulers come pre-wound on a roll and provide enough writing space on each scale to make it useful for identifying and referencing. The SureSeal™ Adhesive Photo Scales can be used by forensic practitioners, medical examiners, arson investigators, and much more. Place these near a point of interest and they act as both a frame of reference and a label. Use these anywhere you would us a plastic or magnetic scale. These SureSeal™ Adhesive Photo Scales come in a variety of lengths and colors. All scales feature a non-glare surface and come with an adhesive backing that is high-tack, but removable, and will not cause surface degradation or leave a residue. Safely apply these to skin, glass, painted surfaces, hair, rugs, or plastics nearly anything. Our SureSeal™ Adhesive Photo Scale labels are packaged in a clear, plastic, reusable, protective dispenser box. The clear box not only protects the scales from bending and dust but also easily dispenses scales with a simple pull. No longer are scales scattered in a drawer, the roll and box will contain labels securely. Reload the box with the same roll once you run out to cut down on waste and cost.