These lightweight, half face respirators feature a detachable neck strap that allows the facepiece to drop down to the investigator’s chest. These low maintenance respirators can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused many times. No parts to replace except filters and cartridges. A-4613 the Multigas/P100/Odor (HEPA) cartridge combines a charcoal filled multigas cartridge with a P100 filter. The most broad range cartridge available. Intended for crime scene use and provides the highest level of protection for use with vapors, chemicals, powders, dusts, and decomposition odors. Sold by the pair. A-4643 is a particulate (P100/HEPA) filter for use with fingerprint powders and in dusty environments. 99.97% filter

This Polydura storage clipboard is the key to your outdoor office! Store 8 1/2” x 11” data sheets, pencils, and other field equipment inside the durable plastic shell. It has a warmer feel than a metal clip board. The new design has more space inside for sheets, has a convenient carrying handle, and an improved clasp. Lightweight and completely weatherproof, the ”Rite in the Rain” Field Desk lets you take your office outdoors!

Bio-Swab™ is a pre-filled, individually wrapped, gamma radiated, sterile applicator that will deliver the exact amount of water to collect a DNA sample. This packaging system eliminates the need for carrying sterile water and will further protect from cross contamination. The Bio-Swab™ can be transported to the lab in air dry boxes or coin envelopes. Simply hold the applicator with the color ring end pointing upwards, gently snap the tip with the color coded end, and allow the sterile water to fill the applicator. Validation material available upon request. (100 Swabs)

For collection of DNA evidence, the Cap-Shure™ protects the cotton tip and sample by using a clear plastic aerated cap. With the cap mounted on the swab, it’s easy to open and close for DNA collection. The sterile swab is centered in the middle of the air drying cap and can be transported to the lab contaminate free without the use of a box.

Ideal for securing crime scenes and discouraging onlookers. Our barrier tape is printed black on yellow and will clearly mark the perimeter of a crime scene. Thick low-density polyethylene film is tough enough to last until the last piece of evidence is gathered. All barrier tapes are housed on a 3” core.

This 8.5” by 11” template includes furniture and plumbing cutouts in two convenient scales. The 1/2” equals one foot scale produces detailed scale drawings when drawn with a medium ball point pen. The template is useful for drawing burglary reports as well as more serious crime scenes, including arson. This notebook-sized template has holes to fit a three ring binder.

Cuticle sticks are an excellent tool for collection of trace evidence. Each stick is sterile and individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination.

Size: 7″ (125 Sticks)

Our Detective Lifting Tape is ideal for lifting prints from uneven, curved and/or contoured surfaces. This tape is ideal on light bulbs, doorknobs and steering wheels, etc. The strength, flexibility, and ability to stretch makes this tape conform to a variety of surfaces. Performs under extreme temperatures. Packaged in a sturdy screw cap jar for added protection when not in use.

#A-2201J – Size: 1.5” x 125

Tweezers are an excellent tool for use on blood samples or any other type of collection. They are cost effective enough to use one set for each sample taken. This leaves no room for the defense to claim that a dirty instrument tainted the samples. These tweezers are autoclavable. Sterile tweezers are available for forensic use only. Not for application in clinical environments such as a doctor’s office, hospital or to the general public.

There are often times where you will need to have a sharp knife to cut samples of carpet or scrape stains off of hard surfaces. These disposable, individually wrapped scalpels can be used one time and packed with the evidence.

These marking flags are ideal for marking evidence in areas where evidence could be easily overlooked or disrupted. They are 2” x 3” and stand 21” tall. Other colors available on request.

Hemastix are 3″ plastic strips with a special blood reagent material at the tip. The strips detect the peroxide-like activity of hemoglobin in a substance. Simply rub the Hemastix on a moistened stain or across a swab that has a suspected dried blood sample on it. The reagent coated tip will turn a shade of…