This book is designed to be used in conjunction with the Investigating Suicide and Self Harm Death course through the Death Investigation Training Academy. This publication can be used as a stand alone reference, however this is not an all inclusive work on this topic. This course is an advanced course in the investigation of suicide and self harm death. The course is specifically designed for patrol officers and investigators who have the duties of responding to and/ or investigating death. The course assumes the students basic understanding of a crime scene and basic evidence collection methods. It goes beyond the preliminary death scene and targets what suicide deaths are and what they are not. It also gives insight into the mental aspect of suicide and self harm behaviors. Participants will learn how to evaluate a scene, obtain evidence specific to making a determination of suicide, as well as how to properly document the scene and obtain vital victim history information and family statements. Specific causes of suicide deaths covered are self inflicted gun shot wounds, hanging and asphyxia deaths, drug overdose, Helium inhalation deaths, planned and assisted suicides, chemical suicides, and how to interpret and investigate and autoerotic fatality. Students will learn the best practices and standards of investigating suicides and self-harm deaths. This course is not intended to set department policy, but rather focuses in on generally approved methods of criminal investigations as it applies to a death scene involving the possibility of suicide and self-harm.