What People Say About DITA Instructors


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“Darren, your efforts and information were an integral part of our conference, and we greatly appreciate your contribution . I am happy to let you know that your presentation at the conference was well received and given high marks. I very much enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing so again in the future. ”

Jen Howe – Conference Coordinator, Colorado Coroner Association  

“Darren is a dynamic and charismatic instructor, he holds the classrooms attention, encourages and draws in participation from attendees successfully.  I would personally recommend Darren as an instructor/speaker to any organization”

Sgt. Jessie Venable, Retired  Franklin County Missouri – Conference Coordinator MDSA 

“Darren, in developing a criminal investigation division for our department, there was no question you were the one to lead it. You have accomplished this task in an efficient an exemplary  manner”

Major Jim Squires Retired 

“I personally give my recommendation to Darren Dake. Darren is highly skilled in the area of organization, management, team building, and facilitating staff needs and training. Darren possess’ a quality of leadership needed today. His teaching style is relevant to today’s issues , keeping participants alert and able to benefit for the topic being taught.”  Roger Taber –

Over the years, I have employed hundreds of people. There are only a few who achieved the status of “people you could not operate without.”  Anita helps many others achieve this status.

Kansas State Senator Dick Kelsey

Anita, “You are one of the few speakers who I felt made the message about the audience, and not solely about you. You even made your personal stories applicable to our lives.”

Mindy, Illinois Women’s Conference.

“Anita demonstrates her skill and expertise in leading groups to discuss challenges and find solutions in complex business environments. She is completely approachable and gets to know each one of the clients she works with, making every effort to meet the individual needs of the group.”

 John, Power Circle Training Session

I have known Mr. Paul Parker for 13 years and have been impressed both personally and professionally with his motivation, independence and leadership. I have been on many death investigations with Mr. Parker and his medicolegal death investigation competency is second to none. I say this with 15 years’ experience. As Mr. Parker worked into the Supervising Investigator role his leadership and management skills began to shine. I can honestly say that the investigations morale was at the healthiest point of my 15 years during Mr. Parker’s leadership. Employees knew they could trust Mr. Parker to lead them where they needed to go and employee-relations were at an all-time high.

In summary, Mr. Parker is clearly one of the most impressive people I have worked with in the last 15 years. I give him and Parker Medicolegal Services, L.L.C. my highest recommendation.

Joe Davis
San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office (California)

“I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Paul Parker to you. Mr. Parker worked for a number of years at the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office. I had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Parker during his tenure as the Supervising Medical Examiner Investigator. I found him to exhibit strong leadership ability within the local management team. He also demonstrated ability for law enforcement administration together with keen investigation skills. Mr. Parker displayed medicolegal death investigation competency; death notification skills; medicolegal death investigation management and meticulous operational practices. Furthermore, Mr. Parker created outreach/education efforts and training programs. He also established a clear ability for facilitation of interagency cooperation and relationship-building.

I believe Mr. Parker has strong personal qualities, intellect, work ethic and character. In short, I give Mr. Paul Parker my highest recommendation.“

Iain M. McIntyre, Ph.D
Forensic Toxicology Manager, Director, and Chief Toxicologist
San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office (California)

With many years of experience in the field, both as a former law enforcement officer and in the Medical Examiner’s office, Paul has proven himself to be a great leader, as evidenced by his outreach/education efforts and training programs. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of his expertise, medicolegal death investigation, and has served several different agencies in California and Arizona with distinction and professionalism.

With a proven track record in working with multiple agencies within his jurisdiction to provide the highest level of service, Paul has facilitated interagency cooperation and relationship-building.

Paul is a gifted communicator, and it was my privilege to hear him address a class of Police Chaplains at an International Conference of Police Chaplain’s Academy. The class was captivated by his knowledge, experience, information, and compassion.“

Dr. Paul Ellis
Lead Chaplain, Maricopa Police Department (Arizona)
Arizona Representative, International Conference of Police Chaplains